Your Guide to Finding Cheap Metal Roofing in Florida

Cheap Metal Roofing Near Me
May 21, 2024

As time goes on, two things seem to be true across the state of Florida: hurricanes only get worse, and metal roofing costs only go up. This is an unfortunate combination, and it’s driven many homeowners to look for cheap metal roofing in Florida. So what are your options?

At PITCH Roofing, we know all there is to know about affordable metal roofing. That’s just our job as local roofing partners. Today, we’re giving advice on how to get a cheap metal roof replacement that balances low costs with high performance. But before we get into the details, we need to talk about what we mean when we talk about cheap metal roofing options in your community.

What Counts as Cheap Metal Roofing?

What Counts as Cheap Metal Roofing

The word “cheap” is loaded in the roofing industry, and for good reason. Everyone wants a roof that doesn’t cost them much, but nobody wants a roof made with cheap, flimsy materials or installed using cheap, inexperienced labor. So what do we really mean when we say that you can get cheap metal roofing?

Well, we mean “cheap” by the standards of metal roofing. For context, the average cost of a metal roof in Florida is around $20,000 depending on the size and layout of your roof. So when we talk about providing you with cheap metal roofing, we’re talking about giving you a high-quality metal roof below the average price, even though a metal roof will always cost more than a shingle roof.

The good news is that you can get cheap metal roofing in Florida that doesn’t sacrifice the quality or longevity that metal roofs are known for. To do that, you just need the right metal roofing material.

Cheap Metal Roofing Materials

When picking your metal roofing materials, you will have opportunities to save money. Specifically, there are two: the type of metal roofing used and the type of fasteners. And what you choose for each of these will have a major impact on your total metal roof replacement costs.

The Most Affordable Type of Metal Roofing Material

While we call them all metal roofs, there are many different types of metal that you could choose for your roof replacement. Some of them, like copper, can cost as much as $35 per square foot! But cheap metal roofing options come at much more affordable prices.

Specifically, Galvalume is a great option for affordable metal roofing. Galvalume is strong, resilient, and lasts for much longer than a shingle roof. And when it comes to cost, there’s no beating the affordability of a Galvalume metal roof replacement.

Metal roofing prices always vary depending on the job. That said, roofers can normally get corrugated sheets of Galvalume steel for two to three dollars per square foot. And if you want cheap metal roofing, then corrugated sheets are definitely the way to go. Let’s talk about your fastener options to better understand why that is.

Get Cheaper Metal Roofing with Corrugated Sheets

Get Cheaper Metal Roofing with Corrugated Sheets

In the world of metal roofing, there are two fastener options: hidden and exposed. Hidden fasteners are called standing seam roofing. These use mostly-flat metal sheets that adhere together from the bottom, creating a smooth surface. And while these roofs are nice, they’re anything but cheap.

That’s why we suggest hidden fastener metal roofing for a more affordable option. With this method, roofers drill down the corrugated metal sheets into your roof. Called 5V roofing, this option doesn’t last as long as standing seam, but it does save you a lot of money in roof replacement costs thanks to its simpler installation method.

Generally, hidden fastener metal roofs cost between three and eight dollars per square foot. Put another way, on a 2,000 square-foot roof that’s a $6,000 to $16,000 roof replacement. If you’re looking for cheap metal roofing, your options don’t get much better than that! But even with these budget-conscious choices, there are still other opportunities to make your roof more affordable.

Other Ways to Lower Metal Roofing Costs

Choosing affordable metal roofing materials and installation methods can go a long way in getting you cheap metal roofing. But if you still don’t like the numbers you’re finding, then we have special offers that could make a metal roof replacement more accommodating of your budget.

Let’s talk about how to lower your metal roofing costs with PITCH Roofing!

Veterans, Teachers, and First Responders Metal Roof Discount

At Pitch, we believe in giving back to our community. That means paying back, in our own small way, the service that our community members have been generously giving for years. That’s why we offer exclusive roofing discounts to veterans, teachers, and first responders in Florida!

We make getting this discount simple and easy. When you’re getting your free metal roof replacement estimate, just ask one of our roofing specialists about how to get this discount. They’ll be happy to get you set up for cheap metal roofing as a thank-you for your service!

Metal Roof Financing

Sometimes, the money just isn’t there. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should settle for a cheaper shingle roof. With roof financing, you can get a dependable metal roof even if you don’t have the funds for a high-quality roofing system right now.

That’s why Pitch is proud to offer low-interest roof financing. You don’t need to have perfect credit to qualify, and it can give you the option to protect your home now and pay off the roof on a more comfortable schedule. Financing isn’t right for everyone, but if you’re committed to getting a metal roof and don’t have the funds, then this could be the perfect option for you.

Get a Free Metal Roof Replacement Estimate

We can promise cheap metal roofing all day long, but we know you need more details and a guarantee. That’s why we give free metal roof replacement quotes! This way, there’s no confusion about how much your roof will cost or what our experienced roofers can do for you.

Call us at 727-607-4280 for your free roofing estimate or schedule it online. Or, if you really want to hit the ground running, get a no-contact, online-only roofing estimate. No matter what you prefer, we’re flexible and want to give you the best experience possible.

We know that finding affordable metal roofing can be a challenge. And we would never ask any of our customers to settle for a cheap, low-quality roof replacement. Give Pitch a chance to earn your business and see why we’re Florida’s top metal roofers!

Last Updated:May 31, 2024