Choosing the Best Tile Roofers in Florida

Best Tile Roofers in Florida
May 22, 2024

If you’re looking for tile roofers near you, it doesn’t get any better than PITCH Roofing. Our founders came together and pooled their collective 60+ years of local roofing experience to create us, your local roofing partners. But we’re not here to talk about ourselves.

No, we’re here to use our experience to help you get a great tile roof for your home. Whether you have questions about the cost of tile roofing, how long it lasts, how it holds up against hurricanes, or anything else, we’ve got your answers in this comprehensive roofing resource.

But as roofers with deep roots in Florida, we want to start by talking about the history of tile roofing in Florida.

How Long Have Tile Roofers Been in Florida?

How Long Have Tile Roofers Been in Florida

You might be surprised to learn that tile roofers have been part of the Florida landscape for centuries. Roofs made with clay tiles first came over to the New World via Spanish settlers in Florida, so we are literally the birthplace of tile roofing in North America.

For the settlers, tile roofs were exactly what they needed. They served a cultural value by reminding people of their homelands, and they did a great job keeping out the rain and pests that would have made life difficult for settlers.

Over the centuries, tile roofing would eventually fall out of fashion as new roofing technologies hit the market. But thanks to modern advances in tile roofing, this roofing material is more popular than ever. With strong protection and a classically Florida style, there hasn’t been this much demand for great tile roofers in decades.

While the history of tile roofing in Florida is interesting, it’s time to talk about the future. Specifically, it’s time to talk about the value that a tile roof could add to your home.

Benefits of Tile Roofing in Florida

Tile roofing isn’t just popular in Florida because of nostalgia. In fact, tile roofing is one of the strongest and most resilient roofing materials on the market. Don’t just take our word for it — let’s talk about the draws of tile roofing in Florida.

Long Lifespans

When properly installed by experienced tile roofers, a tile roof will last for a long time. This is true even in Florida, where roofs have to deal with more severe weather than most of the country. Thanks to their resistance to high winds and heavy rains, tile roofs are built to last.

And last they do! While shingle roofs rarely last longer than 25 years in Florida, a tile roof can easily double or even triple that amount of time. This helps offset some of their high roof replacement costs — after all, paying double for a roof that will last you three times as long could be a great deal!

Energy Efficiency

Whether you want to help the planet or just save money on your energy bill, tile roofers can help you out. Thanks to various energy-saving features throughout a tile roofing system, your home will be more energy efficient than ever once you’ve got your tile roof installed.

For one thing, tile roofs reflect sunlight. When UV rays hit your home, some of them will be deflected by the protective coating on your tiles. As a result, your home stays cooler. And as a bonus, your tiles will last even longer thanks to these coatings, since tiles can otherwise crack under the heat.

Another factor is your water-resistant underlayment. In addition to keeping out water, this also provides another layer of insulation. This keeps the cool air in and the hot air out, which means your AC system won’t need to work as hard in the summer. And that means noticeable savings!

Unique, Classic Aesthetics

Truly, there is nothing quite like a tile roof. Their distinctive look is highly sought-after in Florida, especially if you have a Spanish- or Mediterranean-style home. And with new advances in style options, there’s almost no limit to how tile roofers can help customize your roof.

Traditionally, tile roofs come in earth tones or a classic shade of red. And that style still holds up today. But with new color options, you can get tiles in virtually any color to suit your unique vision. And with different types of tiles like Spanish or French tiles, you always have options to make your roof completely unique.

How Much Does a Tile Roof Replacement Cost?

How Much Does a Tile Roof Replacement Cost

As professional tile roofers, we know that cost is important to you. And the good news is that there is a wide range of budgeting options when getting a tile roof replacement, so you should be able to find a price point that works for you.

The biggest factor in determining your tile roofing costs is the material itself. For example, a clay tile roof will always cost more than one made of concrete tiles because clay takes more time and money to manufacture. Other factors (the size of your roof, slope, accessibility, etc.) will also influence your total costs, but these are secondary to the impact made by material choices.

So how much do these different types of tile roofs cost in Florida? Well, concrete roofing tiles cost between eight and 19 dollars per square foot for both manufacturing and installation costs. For a roof that can last around 50 years in Florida, this isn’t a bad deal at all!

Clay tiles are a luxury roofing option. Their average price falls between $11 and $22 per square foot. While this is a high price point, they’re priced this way for a reason. A clay tile roof can last for a century or more when installed by experienced tile roofers, so it’s a very worthwhile investment!

Get a Free Roofing Estimate from the Best Tile Roofers in Florida

When you need the best tile roofers near you, call Pitch. With decades of local roofing experience under our belts, we can get you a roof that looks great and will protect your home for many years to come. And it all starts with getting a free, no-obligation estimate for your tile roof replacement.

To do that, just call our friendly schedulers at 727-607-4511 or schedule your roof replacement estimate online. Or, if you want to skip the initial roof inspection, you can get an estimate online! At Pitch, our priority is making sure that you get the roofing services you need in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Don’t underestimate the value that experienced tile roofers bring to your roof replacement. Nobody knows local roofing better than us, and we’ll make sure that your roof is set up to last. Get your free, no-obligation estimate from Pitch and you’ll see the difference that experience and professionalism make!

Last Updated:May 31, 2024