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Did you know that Florida is one of the best places in the country to get a tile roof?



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Welcome to our guide on the best roofing materials for Florida homes. At PITCH, we're here to help you navigate the options that stand up best to Florida's unique climate. From popular asphalt shingles to durable metal roofs and attractive tile options, this page covers the benefits and features of Florida's most popular roofing materials.

Find the perfect roofing solution for your home with our expert insights and ensure that you're ready to make an informed choice!

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FAQs About Roofing Materials

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No, metal roofs do not attract any more heat than other roofing materials so they will not increase your energy bill. On the contrary, they’re better at reflecting UV rays than most shingle roofs. In this way, they can actually save you money.

Shingles are generally popular because of their durability and affordability. Architectural shingles, especially, are popular in Florida as a low-cost option for roof replacements.

Shingle roofs come in many colors, so you will definitely find something that suits your preferences. Earth tones are traditional colors for shingles, but light-colored shingles can help keep your roof cool in the hot summer months.

Clay tiles last the longest, but there is no “best” type of tile roof. To find the type of tile roof that meets your unique needs, you should discuss your options with a trusted local roofer.

Whether you need a roof repair or a full roof replacement, Pitch’s expert crews have mastered a wide variety of roofing materials. This ensures that no matter what your vision for the perfect roof is, we can make sure that you get it. Our most popular roofing materials include:

  • Asphalt and composite shingles
  • Clay and concrete roofing tiles
  • Metal roofing (5V and standing seam)
  • Flat roofing options (TPO, EDPM, modified bitumen, etc.)

With all of these options, we know that we can meet your goals for both aesthetics and protection. To further discuss our extensive style and color options, give us a call our fill out our contact form!

Not sure what kind of roofing services you need? Not a problem! If you’ve noticed that something isn’t quite right with your roof, maybe a leak or signs of pests, but you aren’t sure what the problem is, call the experts at Pitch. We’ve seen it all, so we’ll be able to quickly diagnose what’s wrong with your roof and walk you through your options for a long-term solution.

There are many signs it’s time to replace your flat roof. Cracks or blistering are a big one, as are leaks, ponding water, and any visible signs of wear and tear.

The truth is that nobody knows how much the “average” roof costs in Florida, because there’s no such thing as an average roof. Every roof is unique, and the cost to fix or replace it will be just as individual as your structure is. That said, we can help you get a ballpark figure! Check out our guide to roof replacement costs for a rough idea of how much a new roof can cost in Florida.

Flat roof replacement costs vary based on the local market, unique roofing features, and size of the roof, to name a few factors. That said, a new flat roof can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 or more.

Tile roofs are great at withstanding Florida’s harsh weather patterns. Concrete tile roofs last for roughly 50 years, while clay tile roofs can stay healthy for a century or more!

How long your shingle roof lasts in Florida depends on the type of shingle you choose. Architectural shingles last for up to 25 years, luxury shingles up to 40 years, and composite shingles can keep functioning for up to 50 years.

How long a flat roof lasts in Florida depends on the roofing material used. But on average, a low-slope roof in Florida will last roughly 25 years.

Tampa Bay is famous for its thunderstorms. But the good news is that they won’t pose any additional danger to you once you get a metal roof. Metal roofs attracting lightning is an old myth, and in fact they’re so noncombustible that lightning striking your metal roof wouldn’t even start a fire.

Yes, and flat roof maintenance is essential for Floridians. Flat roofs in Florida are more prone to damage from UV rays, heavy rainfall, and high humidity, so it’s important to keep your roof in top shape.

Generally, most flat roofs don’t automatically come with great insulation. But when discussing what type of flat roof you want, you can request additional insulation that will be added during the roof replacement process to help keep your structure energy efficient.

Tile roofs actually require very little maintenance. The most common issue they encounter is cracking shingles from storm debris, but this is both a quick and affordable repair.

DIY shingle roof replacement can seem like a good way to save money. But the truth is that roofing systems are just too complex to be handled by anyone other than professionals. And since a poor shingle roof installation could lead to major issues with permitting and your homeowner’s insurance, we strongly encourage leaving roof replacements to trustworthy local roofers.

Placing a new roof on top of an old one is called reroofing, and it’s a common practice with metal roofing. If you’d rather install your new metal roof on top of your old shingles, let our representative know during your initial phone call or meeting. They’ll be happy to explain how we can help you with your re-roofing job!

There’s no denying that tile roofs require a substantial up-front investment. But if this investment is something you can afford, it really pays off in longevity and protection for decades to come.

Yes, metal roofs are highly suitable for Florida’s climate due to their durability and resistance to high winds, rain, and sun exposure. Rust can present a problem, especially in coastal Florida, but modern metal roofing technology greatly reduces the risk of premature rusting.



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