How to Find the Best St. Petersburg Roofers for Your Home

Best St. Petersburg Roofers Near Me
May 16, 2024

Looking for reliable St. Petersburg roofers is a challenge. When everyone says that they have the best roofing company near you, how are you supposed to know who’s the real deal and who’s out to make a quick buck? It’s a problem that a lot of local homeowners run into, but there is a solution.

We’re PITCH Roofing, your roofing partner based right here in Pinellas County. Unlike other roofing companies, we aren’t just here to convince you that we’re the best. Instead, we’d rather give you crucial information on how to find seasoned roofing professionals in your community.

How to Find St. Petersburg Roofers You Can Trust

How to Find St. Petersburg Roofers You Can Trust

When you’re trying to find the best roofers in St. Petersburg, there are certain clues to watch out for. These will tell you whether you’re contracting with seasoned professionals or wasting time with people who can’t provide high-quality roofing services. Keep reading for all the signs of dependable St. Petersburg roofers!

Deep Local Roots

Hiring locally is important. And we don’t just mean that putting your money back into your community helps all of us. We mean that hiring local contractors is the best way to get a long-lasting, high-value roof.

There are a lot of reasons for this. First, local roofers know the weather patterns better than anyone. Sure, everyone knows that your roof needs to be ready for high winds when a hurricane comes. But an out-of-town contractor might not consider how to protect your roof from Florida’s year-round humidity or set it up to keep out our many local pests.

Real St. Petersburg roofers will think of these important roofing factors. Because year after year, they install roofs in the same conditions and have mastered their craft. As year-round Pinellas County residents ourselves, we know our community, and their roofs, better than anyone.

Reliable Experience

Nobody wants a crew of first-time roofers handling their roof replacement. Nailing shingles into a roof may not be complicated, but a robust roofing system requires someone with experience to make sure that all parts of your new roof are secured and protected.

So when you’re looking at roofers near you, it’s important to choose experienced professionals. Pitch, for example, was founded by veteran roofers with more than 60 years of collective local roofing experience. This is the kind of expertise and know-how that you want working on your roof.

Licensing and Accreditations

When looking at different St. Petersburg roofers, making sure they’re licensed contractors is the first, essential step. But roof replacements are major investments in your property. So why would you settle for the bare minimum qualifications?

Instead, look for roofers who go above and beyond. These include things like additional certifications and better warranty offers.

For example, PITCH Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means that we had to pass a series of tests on our workmanship, customer service, and long-term financial stability. And as a result of these extra efforts, we get access to the best Owens Corning shingles and can provide our customers with the best warranties on the market. That’s the value of choosing the best roofers in Pinellas County.

Signs of St. Petersburg Roofers to Avoid

Signs of St. Petersburg Roofers to Avoid

Not all St. Petersburg roofers follow our high standards. And while it’s important to know how to identify great roofers, it’s just as crucial that you know the signs of unreliable contractors. Now, let’s discuss common signs that a roofing company doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

When you meet with someone for a roofing estimate, they’re there to answer your questions and, yes, to sell you a roof. But just because they want to make a sale doesn’t mean that they can pressure you into making a decision that you’re not ready for.

Be wary of any roofers who insist that you sign a contract on the same day they inspect your home or who seem in a rush for you to make a decision. As roofing contractors, we operate on your schedule. Real professionals understand that you decide when and if you’re ready to sign a contract, and they’ll respect that their role is just to give you the best information possible.

Extremely Cheap Roofing

When you’re looking for roofing services, it’s normal to get a couple of estimates. And it can be exciting when you get an estimate for less than you were expecting to pay. While affordable roofing is great, cheap roofing is almost never worth your investment.

What do we mean by cheap roofing? Well, we would consider roofing cheap if it costs significantly less than other estimates for the same job. For example, if you were looking for a shingle roof replacement and kept getting quotes of around $12,000 to $15,000, then a quote for $8,000 should be suspicious rather than exciting.

Roofing is only cheap when St. Petersburg roofers cut corners. Whether they’re using cheap materials or inexperienced labor, your roof is going to pay the price in the long run. To protect yourself and save money over the lifetime of your roof, stick with roofers who provide detailed, reasonable cost estimates.

Get a Free Estimate from the Best St. Petersburg Roofers

As experienced roofers, we just want to see homeowners getting the best roofing services for themselves. And we firmly believe that the best way to find the right roofers for you to is to collect and compare estimates.

That’s why we make it so easy to get a detailed, comprehensive estimate from PITCH Roofing. You can schedule your roof inspection by calling us at 727-607-4531 or just filling out our online scheduler. And if you don’t want to have an in-person inspection, that’s fine with us! You can get an online-only roofing estimate just by filling out our form.

At PITCH Roofing, we know that you’re in control. We just want to help you get a great roof at a fair, honest price. Whether you need a roof replacement, roof repairs, or any other roofing services, reach out to the pros at Pitch and let us show you the great things that happen when you pick real St. Petersburg roofers!

Last Updated:May 31, 2024