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Roofing Companies That Finance Nar Me
May 17, 2024

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Over time, the cost of a new roof in Florida only increases. With Florida’s roofing material and labor costs increasing substantially year over year, people are finding that their roof replacement budgets are tight. For this reason, every day more Floridians become interested in roofing companies that finance.

Roof financing is a great way to cover your roof replacement costs, but it’s important to pick a company with the best roof financing. We’re PITCH Roofing, your local roofing partner, and today we want to explain your roof financing options and help you get the roofing services that you need to protect your property.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of being careful when considering different roofing companies that finance.

Why You Should Be Choosy About Roof Financing Options

Why You Should Be Choosy About Roof Financing Options

Many roofing companies like to pretend that they’re the only ones offering roofing payment plans in Florida. But the truth is that Floridians are surrounded by roofing companies that finance. So the issue isn’t finding roofers who finance — the issue is finding roofers you can trust.

Dependability is important with any roofing job, but it’s even more key with a financed roof replacement. The roofers you choose won’t just put a new roof on your home or business; they’ll also set the terms for a significant loan.

In Florida, you’re not wrong to be cautious with this kind of thing. Storm chaser roofers blow into town after hurricanes and promise great financing, but they never deliver. Instead, they do poor-quality work at a low up-front cost and then make you pay them back huge sums over the course of years for a roof that can’t properly protect your structure.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though. There are great, reliable roofing companies that finance in Florida. The key is just understanding how to find them.

How to Find the Best Roofing Companies That Finance Near Me

No matter what part of Florida you’re in, you can get a great deal on a financed roof replacement. All you have to do is know how to tell the best roofing companies that finance from the unreliable roofers who use financing to take advantage of their customers.

Thankfully, in our 60+ years of local roofing experience, we’ve found that it’s easy to tell the difference when you look at just a few important factors.

Look at Their Past Roof Replacements

When you need new roof financing, it’s not just the financing that you should worry about. You also need to consider the value of your new roofing system. For example, a high-quality architectural shingle roof installed by seasoned professionals will be worth much more than a 3-tab shingle roof installed by inexperienced subcontractors.

Seeing previous work is one of the best ways to vet roof financing offers. By asking for photos of the company’s previous work, you’ll see if you’re paying for a high-quality roof or just a slap-dash roof replacement.

Follow up on this by checking out their roofing reviews. Every roofer seems to think that they’re the best, but their customers are much more honest. Frequent complaints about the quality of their services could mean that a roofing company doesn’t do good work.

If they can’t install a functional roof on your home or business, then it doesn’t matter what their financing options are, because you don’t want to be stuck paying off a roof that needs frequent repairs and patches.

Choose Licensed and Accredited Local Roofers

Choose Licensed and Accredited Local Roofers

Here’s an open secret in the roofing industry: Big, national companies almost never have good financing. Generally, you’re better off going with small, local operations that have a real stake in being a good community member and earning your business with low-interest roof financing.

But there are a fair few local roofing companies that finance, and not all of them are great. That’s why it pays to choose roofers who go above and beyond. Every reputable roofing company you see will be licensed and insured to work in Florida, but only the best will have additional accreditations.

For example, PITCH Roofing is a proud Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means we’ve been thoroughly vetted by one of America’s leading shingle manufacturers after they reviewed our workmanship, customer service, and long-term financial stability.

As a result, we can offer additional warranties that can add value to your roof across its lifetime. This is great news for our customers who need roof financing since they won’t have to worry about being stuck in a position to keep paying off a poorly installed roof.

Avoid Pushy Roofing Companies That Finance

At the end of the day, every roofer you talk to wants you to pick them for your roof replacement. But among roofing companies that finance, some will treat you much better than others. And that treatment says a lot about both their work and their financing options.

Be suspicious of roofing company representatives who won’t take no for an answer. If they insist on you signing something immediately or not looking at other quotes, then you can safely assume there’s a reason they’re afraid of you looking at competitors. Even if these roofers promise great financing rates, it’s still best to at least look at other options first.

On the other hand, roofers who are helpful without being pushy are a great sign. These are professionals who answer your questions and explain your financing options to you without demanding a decision before you’re ready. You’re the customer and you’re paying, so when all is said and done, you’re the boss. Don’t let roofers trying to make a sale forget that!

Explore PITCH Roofing’s Low-interest Roof Financing Plans

At Pitch, we pride ourselves on offering low-interest roof financing for high-quality roofing services. As seasoned local roofing professionals based in Pinellas County, we know Florida roofing better than anyone. Give us a chance to earn your business, and we’ll go the extra mile for you.

All roof financing starts with getting your free, no-obligation roof estimate. To start, you can call us at 727-607-4511 or schedule your in-person roof inspection online. Or, if you’d rather keep things quick and simple, you can request an online-only estimate using satellite images of your property. Roofing is a highly individualized thing, so we try to accommodate customers of all preferences!

Finding trustworthy roofing companies that finance is tough. But by taking your time and considering your options, you can get a great new roof financing package that suits your budget without sacrificing quality or long-term protection.

FAQs About Roofing Companies That Finance in Florida

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Whether you should take a HELOC or get roof financing depends on your unique financial situation. Home equity loans usually have lower interest rates, but they’re not available to everyone, and you risk losing your home if you default. Roof financing, on the other hand, is faster to acquire, so it’s ideal for situations where you need immediate roofing services.

Down payments vary widely depending on your payment plan. Some financing plans might require 20% of the total costs upfront, while others might offer 100% financing with no upfront costs.

Specific financing terms often come down to a case-by-case basis. That said, roof financing tends to last anywhere from 12 months to 10 years, depending on the amount of money loaned and your specific financing choices.

Good credit is always helpful in getting the lowest possible rate for your roof financing. But almost all roofers work with people who don’t have perfect credit, and this shouldn’t stop you from getting a good rate on your new roof.

No, and in fact there are plenty of metal roofing companies that take payments near you. Roof financing is available for all roofing materials, including flat roofs, so don’t let your immediate budget decide the quality or type of your new roof.

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