Aluminum Roofing Pros: Roof Replacement Guide

June 17, 2024

If you live in coastal Florida, aluminum roofing could be the perfect material for you. But roofing services are often major investments in your home, especially if you’re looking for an aluminum roof replacement. That’s why it pays to get advice from the experts first.

In the state of Florida, nobody knows aluminum roofing better than PITCH Roofing. As experienced local roofers, we know the good and the bad of aluminum roofing, and today we’re passing along our knowledge to help you make the right decision for your home. That’s why we’re going to start off by answering a simple question: Who needs aluminum roofing?

Who Needs Aluminum Roofing in Florida?

Who Needs Aluminum Roofing in Florida

Of all the types of metal roof replacements in Florida, aluminum roofing offers unique benefits. For one thing, it’s one of the most lightweight metal roofs on the market, and it doesn’t sacrifice strength or durability, either. In fact, aluminum roofs are just as good at resisting hurricane-force winds as other types of metal roofs!

People don’t generally pick aluminum roofing just because it’s lightweight, though. More often, homeowners choose aluminum because they live within a mile of the coast. Florida is surrounded by saltwater, and while most modern metal roofs have rust protection built-in, this isn’t enough to deal with the saltwater air directly on the coast.

Aluminum roofing, however, does not rust. Since it contains only trace amounts of iron, there simply isn’t anything there to corrode. This is its biggest selling feature, and it’s why aluminum roof replacements are popular in coastal parts of Florida.

In terms of cons, aluminum roofing doesn’t have many. It is a softer metal, so it’s a little more vulnerable to denting. However, this is mostly just a matter of looks and doesn’t affect structural integrity. As a result, this doesn’t often dissuade people from getting an aluminum roof.

The cost of aluminum roofing, however, can pose a problem for some homeowners.

How Much Does Aluminum Roofing Cost?

In roofing, talking about costs is always tricky. And that’s especially true with aluminum roof replacements. Roof replacements always have many unique factors that affect the total costs, but the cost of a new aluminum roof is doubly challenging because there are two types of viable roof replacements: corrugated and standing seam.

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated aluminum roofing is a more budget-friendly option. This is due to both its simple manufacturing process and its simple, quick installation.

Corrugated roofing, or 5V, uses metal sheets with many hills and valleys. Since these sheets are drilled straight down into the roof, there is no need for a complicated fastening mechanism. And when it comes time to install your roof, experienced roofers should have no trouble quickly attaching your new roof. By keeping manufacturing and labor costs low, corrugated aluminum roofing remains an affordable metal replacement option.

The downside to these exposed fasteners is that they undergo wear and tear over the years. As a result, aluminum corrugated roofing will not last as long as standing seam. Still, an aluminum corrugated roof can last for about 40 years.

So how much is this roofing system going to cost you? On the Florida market, we see aluminum corrugated roof replacements cost between five and 12 dollars per square foot. This is more than a shingle roof replacement, but in the world of metal roofing, this price is quite affordable.

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam aluminum roofs use hidden fasteners. And while this makes them more durable, it also considerably raises the cost of a metal roof replacement.

Unlike corrugated metal roofs, standing seam uses panels that are mostly flat. The only spot where they raise is where the fastener sits beneath the panel, allowing them to slot together. And since the fasteners are hidden under the roof, they’re better protected against the elements. This also creates a sleek, smooth profile that many homeowners love.

However, it also drastically increases roofing costs. That’s because these panels are much more expensive to manufacture, and they take more time and experience to install. Many homeowners believe that they’re worth it, though, especially because standing seam roofs last 50-70 years.

The total costs of aluminum standing seam roofing range from $10 to $21 per square foot. This makes it a luxury roofing material. Still, for homeowners who can fit it into their budget, standing seam aluminum roofing is one of the best options for coastal Florida.

Get an Aluminum Roofing Estimate

No matter what type of aluminum roofing you choose, Pitch has you covered. Our expert crews know how to best install aluminum roofs that will protect your home for decades without rusting or being removed in a storm. We also pride ourselves on offering timely roof replacement estimates that have no hidden fees and cover the full scope of your aluminum roofing job!

To get your free aluminum roofing estimate, just call us at 727-607-4280 or schedule your free roofing estimate. After a brief roof inspection, we’ll answer any remaining questions you have and put together a comprehensive estimate. As experienced Florida roofers, you can count on us to put together a fairly-priced estimate and adhere to our sky-high standards for customer service and workmanship!

Upgrading to an aluminum roof is a big decision. And who you choose to install your new roof will have an impact on your home for decades to come. Give Pitch a chance to earn your business and we’ll show you why we’re Florida’s best aluminum roofers!

Aluminum Roofing FAQs

Q: Is aluminum roofing good for Florida’s climate?

A: Yes, aluminum roofing is an excellent choice for Florida homeowners. Not only is it lightweight and durable, but it’s also immune to rust. This makes it great for homeowners near the coast as well as homeowners further inland since Florida’s humidity can lead to metal roof rusting in virtually any part of the state.

Q: Do aluminum roofs hold up to hurricanes?

A: As a metal roofing material, aluminum holds up beautifully against hurricanes. It resists both wind and rain, and both hidden and exposed fasteners are capable of keeping your home in place. And unlike a shingle roof, you won’t find pieces of it in your yard the morning after a storm!

Q: Do aluminum roofs need a lot of maintenance in Florida?

A: Aluminum roofs need minimal maintenance. Since they don’t move and can’t rust, there isn’t much that can go wrong with them when they’re properly installed. Our advice is usually to get an inspection once every two years just to make sure there’s no mold or algae growth.

Q: How does aluminum roofing compare to other metal roofing materials?

A: Aluminum roofs tend to be more expensive than steel roofs. However, they also can’t rust and are extremely lightweight, so this lower risk of issues is well worth the slightly higher price tag for many homeowners.

Q: Are aluminum roofs energy efficient?

A: Yes, aluminum roofs are great with energy efficiency. Since they’re UV-reflective, they keep your home cool and lower the amount of work your AC has to do in the summer. As a bonus, you can also recycle your aluminum roof when it reaches the end of its life!