How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost

Metal Roof Cost in Florida
May 1, 2024

Everybody raves about metal roofs — their longevity, their weather resistance, and even their looks all have huge appeal. But how much a new metal roof costs is a pain point for many Floridians. But with the looming homeowners insurance crisis and increasingly frequent storms, it may be worth looking into what type of metal roof you can afford.

Luckily, PITCH Roofing is here to help. As professionals on all forms of roofing in Florida, we know that there’s a huge range of metal roofing costs. Today, we want to explain your metal roofing options to get you a roof that will protect your property without sacrificing curb appeal or personal style.

To get started, let’s quickly review what you should know about metal roofing.

The Value of Metal Roofing in Florida

The Value of Metal Roofing in Florida

In the local roofing industry, almost all contractors agree that metal is one of the best roofing options for Florida. Some of its key features are:

  • Long Lifespan: A well-installed metal roof can last for 40-70 years! This is partially why many consider even high metal roof costs to be worth the investment.
  • Wind Resistance: Top-quality shingle roofs struggle with winds in excess of 110 mph. But with metal roofing, your roof can easily withstand winds up to 140 mph or more!
  • Mold and Pest Resistance: Mold and pest infestations find little to no chance to develop on a metal roof, which keeps it healthy and secure in the long term.
  • Water Resistance: Unlike shingles, metal can’t be soaked through. As a result, metal roofs can better protect your structure and keep it dry.
  • UV Resistance: It’s no secret that the Florida Sun is a major roof killer. But because metal roofs reflect UV rays away from your structure, they can better handle the heat and lower your energy bills.

Given all of these great features of metal roofing, you’d think that you’d see them all across the Sunshine State. While metal roofs are becoming more common, many people still get hung up on how much a metal roof costs. And while part of this disconnect is due to real financial issues, many people simply assume a metal roof is more expensive than it is.

Usually, someone will see a top-of-the-line metal roof, ask how much it costs, and be astounded when the price is $30,000 or more. But while some metal roofs cost this much, many more metal roofing options are available at much lower prices.

With this in mind, let’s talk about the latest updates on the cost of a metal roof replacement in Florida.

The Cost of a Metal Roof in Florida

While metal roofs can be extremely expensive, there are plenty of more affordable roofing options. Most people assume that these cost differences come down to material differences, and they’re right, to some extent; a Galvalume roof costs much less than a copper roof, for example.

But the bigger metal roof cost factor is how your roof is fastened to your structure. Metal roofs come with two distinctive styles of fasteners, hidden and exposed, and which one you choose will profoundly impact your total metal roofing costs.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how much each of these metal roofing options will cost and, just as importantly, how they’ll perform.

Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Costs

Also called corrugated metal roofing or 5V, metal roofs with exposed fasteners are drilled down onto your structure. With screws across the length of your roof, this approach ensures that your roof is securely adhered.

Because corrugated metal roofing panels are easy to manufacture and quick to install, 5V metal roof costs are generally low. Costs range from as low as five dollars up to $12 per square foot. Or, on a 2,000-square-foot roof, from $10,000 to $24,000.

Metal roofs with exposed fasteners don’t last quite as long as roofs with hidden fasteners, but they’re still much more durable with shingles and can stand up to Florida’s harsh weather. And with a price range that’s much more appealing than other types of metal roofing, 5V metal roofing is a great, more affordable option.

Standing Seam Metal Costs

Metal roofs with hidden fasteners are called standing seam. These metal roofing panels are much flatter, with only a small line where the seams lock together. This is their “hidden” seam, which attaches from beneath the panel rather than on top of it.

This process is more expensive to make and requires more time and know-how to install, so naturally standing seam metal roofs cost more than 5V. Specifically, standing seam metal roof prices in Florida range from $10 to $25 on average. Using our metric of the 2,000-square-foot roof, that puts your metal roof replacement costs between $20,000 and $50,000.

A standing seam metal roof is the top-performing metal roofing option. It lasts a long time, it stands up to Florida’s weather, and its sleek aesthetic is perfect for homes in Florida. Of course, its price is not affordable for everyone. But if you want to invest in your property and aren’t worried about metal roof costs, there’s no better option than standing seam.

Metal Roofing Material Costs

Metal Roofing Material Costs

We’ve covered how your choice of fasteners will impact the cost of your metal roofing system. But the type of metal roofing material you choose will also impact the total metal roofing costs.

However, we can’t say exactly how much each material will cost. That’s because your choice of fastener will heavily impact the cost regardless of the material type. Instead, we can tell you how much each metal roofing material costs relative to other options. This way, you’ll have some idea of what materials could put you in the higher or lower cost range for your metal roof of choice.

With that in mind, the metal roofing materials in order from the lowest cost to the most expensive are as follows:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Galvalume steel
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Copper

This list should help you when trying to get a good price on your new metal roof. For example, if you’re extremely concerned with budget, then the best choice for you may be a galvanized steel 5V metal roof. But the only way to know how much your new roof will cost is with a free roofing estimate.

Get a Free Metal Roofing Price Estimate

Finding out how much a metal roof can cost is the first step in the roof replacement process. But the next step is getting a personalized estimate that’s tailored to your roof. This is the only way to get a reliable cost estimate, and it’s also one of the things we do best.

At Pitch, all of our estimates are comprehensive. That means that we include every part of the job. This way, you don’t have any surprise fees or bills when it’s all over! It also means we make it easy to get your estimate. You can call us at 727-607-4531, schedule your free appointment online, or even go with a simple and easy online-only roofing estimate. As you can see, we’re all about convenience for our customers!

Ultimately, the cost of a metal roof is too high for some people. And whether you need a metal roof replacement or anything else, you can count on our crews to deliver. But we want Floridians to know that they have options to lower how much a metal roof costs, and if that’s something that you’re interested in, we’ll work with you to get you a strong, resilient roof that’s within budget.

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Metal Roof FAQs

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No, metal roofs do not attract any more heat than other roofing materials so they will not increase your energy bill. On the contrary, they’re better at reflecting UV rays than most shingle roofs. In this way, they can actually save you money.

Tampa Bay is famous for its thunderstorms. But the good news is that they won’t pose any additional danger to you once you get a metal roof. Metal roofs attracting lightning is an old myth, and in fact they’re so noncombustible that lightning striking your metal roof wouldn’t even start a fire.

Placing a new roof on top of an old one is called reroofing, and it’s a common practice with metal roofing. If you’d rather install your new metal roof on top of your old shingles, let our representative know during your initial phone call or meeting. They’ll be happy to explain how we can help you with your re-roofing job!

Yes, metal roofs are highly suitable for Florida’s climate due to their durability and resistance to high winds, rain, and sun exposure. Rust can present a problem, especially in coastal Florida, but modern metal roofing technology greatly reduces the risk of premature rusting.

No roof in the world is immune to hurricanes. However, metal roofs do hold up well against the worst that hurricanes have to offer. So while we can’t guarantee that any roof could withstand a direct Category 5 hurricane, we can tell you that when it comes to holding out against hurricanes, very few materials perform as well as metal roofing.

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