What to Do When You Need Roof Leak Repair Services

Roof Leak Repair
April 16, 2024

Nobody is happy to see water dripping from the ceiling of their home or business. But when you find yourself in need of a roof leak repair, it’s important to act quickly to prevent the worst of the damage. Otherwise, you could find your situation going from a quick roof repair to a total roof replacement.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’re Pitch, a Pinellas County-based roofing company that knows Florida roofs better than anyone. Today, let us walk you through what to do when you need roof leak repair services.

Handling a Roof Leak Repair in 5 Steps

Leaky Roof Repair

Leaks rarely come at a good time, so it’s normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed when your roof develops one. But the good news is that you only need to follow five simple steps to solve this issue.

Let us walk you through the step-by-step way to handle a leaking roof!

Step 1: Prevent Further Damage to Your Home or Business

Roofing problems are bad enough, but the last thing that you want to add to the situation is damage to the interior of your structure. For that reason, the first step in handling a roof leak repair is putting something under the leak to catch the water.

Don’t just put it under the leak where it comes from your ceiling, though. If you have attic access, you should go to your attic and put a bucket directly under the leak. This won’t prevent all water damage to your roof, but it will stop that damage from spreading throughout the interior of your home or business.

If you don’t have attic access, then the best thing you can do is catch the water as it comes down from the ceiling. This isn’t ideal, but it will at least stop the water from pooling inside your structure, which could create a whole host of other issues.

Step 2: Identify the Source of the Leak

This step isn’t strictly necessary, but it can go a long way in making your roof leak repairs easier. Check your attic to see where the leak is coming into your structure. If you can, snap a photo or two to show to your contractor.

Knowing where the leak is coming from can help roofers identify what the issue is, which in turn speeds up the job. And the less time that roofers have to spend working on your roof repair, the lower your overall roof leak repair costs! But don’t worry if you can’t find the source of the leak. Experienced roofers should have no problem finding it and fixing it for you!

Step 3: Get a Roof Inspection and Leak Repair Estimate

This is arguably the most important step in getting roof leak repair services. This is where you reach out to a local roofing company and have someone out to take a look at your roof. Once the roofer has looked at everything and understands the issue with your roofing system, they should be able to provide you with a comprehensive roofing estimate.

Be cautious with this step, though. There are plenty of scam roofers in Florida who will engage in underhanded business practices like intentionally misdiagnosing your problem or giving vague, over-inflated estimates.

That’s not how we do things at Pitch, though. All of our estimates are comprehensive and clear, outlining the full scope of work and the cost without leaving any nasty surprise bills at the end of the job.

Step 4: Review Your Estimate and Schedule Your Roof Leak Repair

Nobody should pressure you to make an immediate decision on a roofing estimate. Yes, roof leak repairs are time-sensitive and there is some urgency, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to make an informed decision. Read over the estimate, talk with your roofer if you have any questions, and then decide if you want to move forward with that roofing company.

Once you’ve accepted an estimate and signed a notice of commencement, your roof repair will be scheduled for as soon as the repair crew can get on your roof and fix the issue.

Step 5: Get Your Leak Fixed

All you have to do now is let your chosen contractors fix your roof. And in even better news, roof leak repairs don’t usually take very long. In fact, your roofers should be able to resolve your issue the same day that the crew comes to your property for the first time.

We know that there’s still one more important thing that you need to know about, and it’s something that everyone wonders about in your position. How much does a leak roof repair cost?

The Cost of Roof Leak Repair Services in Florida

The Cost of Roof Leak Repair Services in Florida

Everyone wants to know how much repairing their roof leak will cost, but this number can be hard to get without a personalized estimate. There is no one cost for a roof leak, but rather there is a wide range of costs that could apply depending on what your issue is and how long the roof has been leaking.

In general, repairing roof leaks in Florida costs between $150 and $1,500. This covers the full range from a minor leak due to a missing shingle to a major leak caused by more extreme issues with your roofing system.

But if you want to find out where your roof leak repair costs fall on that spectrum, the only thing to do is get a free roofing estimate from a trusted roofing company like Pitch. We were founded by experienced Florida roofers with over 60 years of experience with fixing roofs. With this kind of experience, nobody understands how to protect and strengthen local roofing systems like we do.

If you want to see what the expert crew at Pitch can do for you, you can call us at 727-677-4824 or fill out our contact form to get your free, no-obligation estimate scheduled. At Pitch, we don’t believe in underhanded business practices or high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, we believe in educating our customers on what they need to know to protect their roofs and, by extension, their investments in their properties.

If you’re dealing with a roof leak and want professionals who will handle the job the right way the first time, choose Pitch. Nobody knows how to Florida-proof your roof better than we do!

Last Updated:May 31, 2024