The Best Time to Get a Roof Replacement in Florida

Best Time to Get a Roof Replacement
July 8, 2024

Deciding when to replace your roof in Florida can be tricky. Nobody wants to pay for a roof replacement before they need to, but waiting too long could cause problems with your homeowners insurance or, even worse, leave your home vulnerable to a hurricane. So what’s the best time to get a roof replacement in Florida?

Ultimately, the best time to get a roof replacement will come down to the specifics of your roof. These include things like location, age, and any damage that it has sustained across its life. But that’s not specific, and it’s not enough information to plan your roof replacement. For that, keep reading as PITCH Roofing explains when you should replace your roof in Florida!

How Age Changes When You Should Replace Your Roof

How Age Changes When You Should Replace Your Roof

While damage could require an early roof replacement, every roof will need replacing after a certain amount of time. So how long can your roof go before you need a roof replacement? That depends on the kind of roofing material that’s protecting your home.

To give you an idea of the best time to get a roof replacement, let’s talk about how long the most popular roofing materials in Florida can last:

  • Asphalt Shingles: Architectural shingles last for 20-25 years in Florida.
  • Composite Shingles: Synthetic shingles stay healthy and strong for about 50 years.
  • Concrete Tiles: These cost-effective tile roofs have an average lifespan of 50 years.
  • Clay Tiles: Clay tile roofs have a unique lifespan of 100+ years, so it’s usually best to base your decision to replace your roof on its performance rather than its age.
  • Metal Roofing: Depending on the type of metal roof you choose, your roof could last 40-70 years on average.
  • Flat Roofs: Most flat roofs need replacements after about 20 years.

When your roof reaches the end of its lifespan, it’s time to replace it. For example, the best time to replace an asphalt shingle roof would be after about 20 years of life. But if your roof is running into problems before it reaches its full age, it may need an early roof replacement.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

If your roof is damaged, then the best time to replace your roof could be sooner than you think. Not all roof damage is a sign of a serious problem, though; often, you can get away with a simple replacement. So what types of roof damage indicate that you need to replace your roof?

Signs that your roof needs replacing include:

  • Missing, Damaged, or Cracked Shingles: If your shingles are showing signs of major wear and tear like cracking or curling, it may be time to replace your roof. A good rule of thumb is that if more than 25% of your shingles are damaged, you need a roof replacement ASAP.
  • Multiple Leaks: Having a roof leak is often a simple repair. But multiple leaks throughout your roof point to a larger problem that only a full roof replacement can fix.
  • Roof Sagging: If you notice your ceiling starting to dip or sag, it’s probably time to replace your roof. This is a major issue, so it’s important to move quickly before your roof fails and destroys property inside of your home.
  • Missing Granules: Your asphalt shingles should have a thick coating of protective granules. If you notice they’re missing or showing up in your gutters, then your shingles have reached the end of their life and need replacing.

Experiencing any of these major roofing problems is a sign that you need to replace your roof ASAP, regardless of the time of year. But if you have the luxury of picking your own schedule, when is the best time to get a roof replacement?

The Best Time to Get a Roof Replacement in Florida

The Best Time to Get a Roof Replacement

The best time to get a roof replacement in Florida will always be whenever your roof needs replacing. But if we’re talking about the calendar year, there are a lot of advantages to scheduling your roof replacement in the fall or winter.

This has a lot to do with the local weather patterns. In the summer, you can expect popup showers just about every day. This can slow down progress on your roof replacement as sections of your roof need to be tarped off to prevent water damage, so many homeowners prefer to schedule their roof replacements during the drier seasons.

There’s also the matter of hurricanes. Florida’s hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, so it’s generally a good idea not to schedule a roof replacement during these times. Nobody wants a hurricane to hit their roof when it’s partially torn off and covered in tarps. On the other hand, if you know that your roof needs replacing ASAP, it’s better to get a roof replacement now, even during hurricane season, than let a hurricane hit your roof while it’s old and weakened.

Finally, scheduling your roof replacement also means better conditions for your roofers. A roof gets hot fast, and your roofers will probably be working from sunup to sundown for at least one day, if not several. By picking the best time to replace your roof, you can improve working conditions for the people replacing your roof, which isn’t a requirement but is certainly a nice thing to do for your contractors.

Get a Roof Replacement on Your Own Schedule

Whenever the best time to replace your roof is, whether that’s now or in a few months, Pitch will be there and ready to help. As Owens Corning Preferred Contractors, we’ve been extensively tested on both our workmanship and customer service. And as Florida roofing experts, we know how to give you a high-quality roof replacement that protects your home against the elements.

If you’re ready to schedule your roof replacement or you want expert insights on when to replace your roof, we can help. Call us at 727-607-4280 or schedule your roof replacement estimate online to meet with a roofing expert and get a full rundown of all your options. Or, if you know you’re ready to replace your roof, you can get an online-only roofing estimate using satellite images.

The best time to get a roof replacement in Florida may generally be in winter, but the best time to replace your roof is before your current roof stops working. With 0% financing, Pitch is ready to make sure that you get a high-quality roof replacement on a schedule that works for you regardless of your finances. Give us a chance and we’ll show you why we’re Florida’s favorite local roofers!