The 7 Lies Scammy Roofers Will Tell You

Lies Scam Roofers Will Tell You in Florida
May 31, 2024

In Florida, there are a lot of honest, hardworking roofers who want to help you protect your home or commercial property while charging fair rates. But those aren’t the only kinds of roofers that Florida sees. In fact, frequent hurricanes mean our communities are targeted especially heavily by bad actors looking to make a quick buck. To protect yourself, it’s essential to know the lies scammy roofers will tell you.

We’re PITCH Roofing, a local roofing company based out of Pinellas County. We were created by seasoned roofing veterans with over 60 years of local roofing experience, so we know what dishonest roofers are doing in our community. Today, we want to give you the information you need to stay safe and make sure you’re making a good investment in your property.

Now, let’s get started and talk about some of the biggest lies our customers hear from scam roofers in Florida!

The 7 Lies Scammy Roofers Will Tell You

The 7 Lies Scammy Roofers Will Tell You

In Florida, most scam roofers fall under the category of “storm chasers.” These roofers blow into town after a major storm and offer impossibly low prices for roof repairs and replacements. And while they’re not excellent roofers, they’re usually talented liars.

Here are the lines that should tip you off that you’re dealing with a dishonest roofing contractor.

1. This Price Is Only Good for Today

Among all the lies scammy roofers will tell you, this one is a classic. To create fake urgency, they’ll pretend that you have to agree to their terms right then and there. There will always be some “reason” why you have to decide immediately — material prices going up, work crews not being available in a few weeks, etc. But the real reason is always greed.

Roofing prices do increase naturally over time. But any dependable roofer can give you at least a few weeks to review your options and make an informed decision on this investment in your property. Anything else indicates that you’re dealing with roofers who know they can’t deliver on quality and instead resort to high-pressure sales tactics.

2. We Can Cover Your Deductible for You

When storm chasers know that you’re using insurance for your roof replacement or repairs, they see dollar signs. They may even offer to pay for your deductible so your roof is “free” for you. But like all the lies scammy roofers will tell you, this really only benefits them.

In addition to being illegal, letting roofers pay your homeowners insurance deductible is a bad idea. Roofers who do this will grossly overcharge your insurance company, which could lead to higher premiums for you in the future. Additionally, this contributes to the larger homeowners insurance crisis that hurts homeowners across the state.

3. You Need to Pay for Roofing Services Up Front

You Need to Pay for Roofing Services Up Front

No legitimate roofer needs the entire cost of the job paid before they start working, but it’s still one of the most common lies scammy roofers will tell you in Florida. While it’s true that many reputable roofers require a deposit, this is mostly just a good-faith gesture to show that you intend to pay the full amount when the job is done as agreed upon.

Roofers who “need” the full money up front could just leave without completing the job. This is especially true if they aren’t based in Florida since they can just pack up and leave without giving you a way to hold them accountable to your agreement.

4. You Have to Get Your Roof Replaced Immediately

Sometimes a roof needs an immediate replacement. But more often, even roofs that need replacing can last a while longer with thorough repairs. Scam roofers will insist that you get a more expensive roof replacement ASAP, whereas honest contractors will tell you about all viable alternatives.

Even if they think that you should get a roof replacement, reliable roofing professionals will always walk you through your options. Because as roofers, it’s not our job to decide what happens to your roof. It’s only our job to inform you of your options and give our professional recommendations.

5. We Don’t Need a Permit to Work on Your Roof

When talking about the lies scammy roofers will tell you, this is one of the most alarming. The vast majority of roofing projects require permitting to ensure that the work is being done to Florida standards and codes. Skipping permitting is a way for unreliable roofers to cut costs, but it’s never in your best interest.

Not only does this open you up to penalties and legal trouble, but it could also leave you with a poorly installed roof, void any roofing warranties you had, and ruin your ability to keep or get homeowners insurance. In short, it’s a massive red flag that you need to choose other roofers.

6. We Can Start Tomorrow

At first, it probably sounds great to hear that a crew can start immediately to get your roof fixed or replaced. But think about it — why is that crew available in the first place?

With experienced roofers, jobs are booked up a few weeks in advance. There might be times when they can move you up the line in an emergency, but offering to start the next day is a major red flag. This should tell you that their crews are so hard up for work that there’s no wait. There are better roofers in Florida to pick from, so there’s no need to settle!

7. You Don’t Need a Detailed Estimate

Of all the lies scammy roofers will tell you, this is the one that people fall for the most often. On the surface it makes sense — you’re just agreeing to get a new roof at this great price, so why would you need an estimate that covers every little thing they’re going to do?

Well, to be sure that you’re getting a full roof, for one thing. Your roof is complex, and you need to make sure that you’re agreeing to get a functional new roofing system, not just new shingles hammered over rotting decking and around faulty ventilation. Detailed estimates ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for and the roofers can be held accountable for the quality of their work, so never skip this crucial step.

Skip the Lies and Get a Free Estimate from the Real Pros

You know the one thing that all lies scammy roofers will tell you have in common? You want to believe them. They make roofing sound easy, convenient, and simple. But you don’t have to go with scam roofers to get that kind of peace of mind. At Pitch, we make the roofing process as smooth as possible.

That shows from the first time you reach out to get your estimate. To schedule your in-person roof inspection for an estimate, you can call us at 727-607-4511 or schedule your appointment online. Or, if you want to skip the inspection altogether, you can sign up for an online-only estimate. Because we’re working on your schedule and your terms, so whatever works best for you, we’ll work hard to provide.

There can be a lot of distrust in the roofing process, and we completely understand why. With scam roofers and storm chasers out there, it can be tough to tell who to trust. But give Pitch a chance, and we’ll show you every step of the way that we’re your local roofing partners, not just roofers looking to make a quick buck. As trusted members of your community, let us show you the difference that we can make for your roof.