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Shingle Roofers Near Me
June 11, 2024

Shingle roofs are popular across all of North America. This is largely because they’re affordable, readily available, and easy to install. But in Florida, shingle roofs need to stand up to tropical storms, hurricanes, and year-round humidity and sun exposure. In other words, it’s essential that you choose the best shingle roofers in your community for your roof replacement.

That’s us: PITCH Roofing is your trustworthy local roofing partner. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Today, we’re walking you through all the advantages and perks that come with getting a shingle roof replacement from our veteran roofers. Keep reading to see what the best shingle roofers in Florida can do for you!

Perks of Picking the Best Shingle Roofers in Florida

Perks of Picking the Best Shingle Roofers in Florida

At Pitch, we go above and beyond for our customers. So when you get a shingle roof replacement or repairs from us, you’re going to get more than just another standard shingle roof. Let’s talk about some of the extra benefits you’ll get when you choose our seasoned roofing contractors!

Quality Roofing Guaranteed

Every roofer says that they provide quality workmanship. But at Pitch, we don’t just talk the talk — we back up our claims with consistency and proven results.

For one thing, we’ve certainly got the great roofing reviews of experienced shingle roofers. These are real testimonials from people in and around your community, so they’re a good place to start when vetting shingle roofing contractors.

More than just that, though, we’ve also got professional accreditations vouching for our workmanship. In addition to being licensed and certified shingle roofers in Florida, we’re also Owens Corning Preferred Contractors. This means that we were tested on our roofing workmanship by one of the top shingle manufacturers in the country and passed with flying colors.

This all means that Pitch provides both great workmanship and peace of mind. When you choose us as your shingle roofing professionals, you never have to worry about getting a low-quality roof.

Long-lasting Shingle Roofing Warranties

Remember how we said we’re Owens Corning Preferred Contractors? Well, that gives us a lot more than just bragging rights. It also means that we have close connections with this roofing titan, and those connections mean that we have access to the best shingle roofing products on the market.

Thanks to this accreditation, we can also offer extended shingle warranties for your new shingle roof. These protect your home in case your shingles fail or there’s an problem caused by improper installation. And since many of these warranties are backed by Owens Corning, you’ll keep your coverage even if Pitch’s shingle roofers roofing aren’t around when you need help!

Exclusive Roofing Rewards Program

Exclusive Roofing Rewards Program

For a limited time, Pitch is offering admission to our Black Tie rewards program for FREE with your roof replacement. This means that when you choose our shingle roofers, you get all of these perks for no additional cost:

  • Priority service on all roofing projects
  • A dedicated phone line that’s fast-tracked to our customer service team
  • Free annual roof inspections

All of these features reflect real value added to your roof year after year. This is yet another way that we make sure our customers have peace of mind and confidence in their roof. Because even long after the installation is done, our shingle roofers will still be here to help you out.

Shingle Roofing Discounts

At Pitch, we’re not traveling roofers. We’re your committed, local roofing partners. And as proud and active members of our community, we’re always looking for new ways to give back to our fellow community members.

One way that we do that is by offering exclusive roofing discounts to teachers, veterans, and first responders in Florida. This is just our small way of thanking the people who have made our community what it is today. So if you’re looking for shingle roofers with discounts, Pitch is definitely the right choice!

Shingle Roof Financing

On average, a shingle roof can cost between $10,000 and $17,000 depending on the specific measurements and needs of your roof. While that’s affordable by roofing standards, we understand that this is a lot of money, and not all homeowners have those funds readily available.

As shingle roofers, we never want to see someone wait to get a roof replacement. Not only is living with roofing problems unpleasant, but waiting could actually cause your shingle roof replacement to cost more as damage spreads and more of your roof decking needs replacing.

That’s why we proudly offer roof financing options. Thanks to our low-interest financing, homeowners can get roofing services when they need them, not just when they have $10,000+ saved up. That’s the kind of consistent care that we strive to provide as community roofing partners.

Collect Your Free Estimate from Florida’s Best Shingle Roofers

For all of the reasons outlined above, you should pick Pitch for your shingle roof replacement or repairs. But we understand if you’re not totally convinced just yet. So let us wow you with our free, no-obligation roofing estimates.

Unlike some other Florida roofers, Pitch always provides detailed, comprehensive roofing estimates that cover the full scope of your project. This means no hidden fees and no nasty surprises waiting for you during or after the final inspection!

To get your free estimate, call us at 727-607-4280 or schedule your estimate online. During the estimate process, a professional shingle roofing expert will inspect your roof and discuss your options with you. They’ll then use that roofing information to prepare your customized estimate!

Or, if you know what you want already, you can get an online-only estimate and skip the in-person inspection. Thanks to satellite images, we can usually get the information we need to prepare an estimate without stepping foot on your roof. This is just another way that we try to keep things convenient and easy for our customers!

Picking your trusted shingle roofers is a big decision. But give Pitch a chance to earn your business and you’ll see that we’re professionals you can rely on.