How to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Roof

Prevent Storm Roof Damage
July 2, 2024

Hurricane season is here, and while we haven’t had any major storms yet in 2024, meteorologists predict an active hurricane season for Florida. This news leaves many local homeowners wondering how they can prevent roof storm damage this summer. As your local roofing partners, PITCH Roofing has all of the expert tips and insights you need to keep your home safe!

When it comes to protecting your roof from hurricane damage, there’s a lot that’s under your control. Today, we’re reviewing what you can do to give your roof the best possible chance at standing strong against a hurricane. Keep reading for real advice from our roofing experts!

How to Prevent Roof Storm Damage in Florida

How to Prevent Roof Storm Damage in Florida

From the choices you make about your roofing material to regular maintenance, it all affects how your roof stands up to storms. But today, rather than focusing on which roofs are best for hurricanes, we’re talking about what you can do to protect your existing roof from storm damage.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the ways that you can prevent storm roof damage!

1. Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Homeowners often think that if their roof isn’t leaking or showing other issues, then there’s no problem. But the truth is that roofs are complex. As a result, you could have damage in one part of your roofing system that doesn’t cause any immediate, visible problems. When you’re trying to prevent storm roof damage, though, these issues can create serious weak points.

The best way to find these hidden roofing problems is through a professional roof inspection. By checking your roof’s ventilation and penetrations, a roof inspector can identify any problem areas and present you with solutions that will keep your roof strong. Nobody can control where storms go, but by keeping your roof as healthy as possible, you can greatly reduce your risk of roof damage during a storm.

Be sure not to wait until you hear about a hurricane coming your way to schedule an inspection. Repairs can take time to implement, and you don’t want to be waiting for work to be completed when the storm hits!

2. Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters aren’t just an eyesore — they’re hazardous to your roof. When properly installed, gutters become an integral part of your roofing system. Specifically, they direct water off of your roof and away from your home’s foundations. But when they’re clogged, gutters fail to function properly and can actually lead to water pooling on your roof.

That’s why keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is one of the best ways to prevent storm roof damage. And while you should be cleaning your gutters regularly, there isn’t really a “too late” with this option. This means that as long as the storm hasn’t hit yet, you can clean your gutters to help deal with the incoming rain and keep your roof healthy and functional.

3. Trim Your Trees and Clean Your Lawn to Prevent Storm Roof Damage

Trim Your Trees and Clean Your Lawn to Prevent Storm Roof Damage

It may sound counterintuitive, but protecting your roof really does start from the ground up. During a storm, anything you leave on the ground can become a projectile. This includes trash cans, children’s’ toys, furniture, etc. In Florida, wind speeds can exceed 140 mph during the worst storms, so it’s smart to clear your yard of all debris so there’s nothing nearby to get thrown at your home.

After cleaning your lawn, it’s time to make sure your trees aren’t endangering your roof. During a storm, anything touching or hanging over your roof is a danger. As winds increase, branches can either whip against your roof or be removed and become storm debris. In either case, one of the best ways to prevent storm roof damage is trimming your branches and making sure nothing is touching your roof and there are no dead or decaying branches looming over your home.

4. Invest in Hurricane Straps

In Florida, the best way to prevent major storm roof damage is to secure your wall-to-roof connections. Many people do this using hurricane straps, which reinforce your roof and make sure it stays put even during the worst storms.

Hurricane straps don’t just protect your roof, either. They’re also good for your budget. Installing hurricane straps leads to lower homeowners insurance premiums, making them an excellent way to prevent storm roof damage and help out your finances. The best part? In Florida, you can get these at a huge discount.

That’s thanks to the My Safe Florida Home program. This public fund allows you to install roof upgrades, like hurricane straps, and be reimbursed for two thirds of the cost. If you’re interested in preventing storm roof damage with hurricane straps, choose experienced contractors who know how to help you navigate this program!

5. Buy Tarps to Prepare for the Worst

Using the above strategies, you can minimize your risk of storm roof damage. But if Mother Nature decides to hit your roof hard during a storm, some damage might be inevitable. After a storm can be a difficult time to find tarps, so it helps to have some ready and on-hand.

Once the storm has passed and you can safely access your roof, it’s a good idea to give it a brief look over to make sure there’s no damage. If there is damage, you’ll want to tarp it up immediately. Missing a few shingles isn’t a big deal, but leaving a roofing vulnerability like this exposed can worsen the damage.

By tarping your roof after a storm, you can stop the damage from spreading or getting worse. In this way, one of the best ways to prevent storm roof damage actually happens after the storm has passed!

Prevent Storm Roof Damage by Choosing Florida’s Top Roofers

Whether you need a professional roof inspection, routine maintenance, or repairs after a storm, Pitch Roofing is the best choice. With great customer service and unbeatable workmanship, we know how to protect your roof from local storms while making the roofing process simple and easy.

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As a homeowner, it’s natural to want to prevent storm roof damage. To do that, it’s important to have the right roofers on your side. As a local, family-owned roofing company, we understand your concerns and are committed to doing right by you. Give Pitch a chance and see the difference that seasoned local roofers can make!