How to Prepare Your Roof for Florida’s Hurricane Season

Roof Prepping for Hurricane Season 2024
May 29, 2024

Every year, Florida’s hurricanes get more severe and more frequent. And although we’re not quite in hurricane season yet, meteorologists already predict that hurricane season 2024 will be especially full of severe storms. As a homeowner, do you know how to prepare your roof for the upcoming hurricane season?

We’re here to make sure that you do. We’re PITCH Roofing, your local roofing partners based right here in Pinellas County. Today, we’re using our decades of local roofing experience to help you get your roof ready for the summer. Keep reading for real advice from local roofing professionals!

How to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season 2024

How to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season 2024

You hear a lot of talk about “hurricane-proofing” your roof in Florida, but the truth is that no roof in Florida is completely safe from hurricanes. That said, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk of storm damage to your roof. Let’s look at the best things you can do to keep your roof safe this summer!

1. Schedule a Roof Inspection

It can take a long time for roof damage to cause issues you notice inside your home. For example, you could have missing or damaged shingles that don’t cause visible interior damage for months. But that damage is still there, and fixing it before a hurricane blows into town is crucial.

That’s why we strongly recommend getting a roof inspection ASAP. Best case scenario, your roof is structurally sound and there are no changes to make. Worst case scenario, you’re saving yourself a lot of hassle by fixing minor issues before a hurricane comes and turns them into major problems. Either way, it pays to let a professional take a look at your roof before hurricane season 2024!

2. Trim Trees and Palm Fronds

You would be surprised how much damage a tree can do to your roof. Storm debris is what we call twigs and branches that get blown onto your roof during a hurricane, and it can crack roofing materials, cause leaks, and even lead to pest infestations on your roof.

For all these reasons, it’s best to trim any overhanging trees before the wind starts whipping them into your roof. Depending on how quickly your trees grow, you may need to trim them more than once this summer. It’s a bit of a pain, but it’ll protect your roof and save you money on costly roof repairs!

3. Get Hurricane Clips

With stronger hurricanes becoming the norm, it’s natural to worry about your roof staying put. If you want extra assurance that your roof isn’t going anywhere, hurricane clips could be exactly what you need.

These sheets of metal work by adhering your roof to the walls of your structure. This way, even a Category 5 hurricane would struggle to remove your roof. It’s also a fairly straightforward roof upgrade so the costs are low — especially if you compare them to the cost of replacing your roof!

4. Get Insurance Documents Ready

If you’re lucky, you won’t need any insurance documents this hurricane season. But if you’re unlucky, you’ll be glad that you prepared for the worst.

To prepare for this year’s hurricane season, make sure that you’ve collected all of your essential insurance documents and know where they are. Items to collect include:

  • Any roofing warranties (manufacturer or installer)
  • Insurance documentation
  • Contact information for your insurance agent as well as your preferred contractors

In addition to these steps, it’s essential that you take “before” photos of your roof. These will help prove that a hurricane damaged your roof and not normal wear and tear. When submitting your claim, it can also help to include news coverage about the hurricane to show that it happened in your community and that others have also been affected by it.

5. Maintain Regular Roof Maintenance

With hurricane season on the horizon, it’s easy to get caught up in the big-picture things. But everyday roof maintenance can significantly impact how your roof stands up to hurricanes. Think of it this way: By preventing new problems from arising on your roof, your roof becomes better at standing up against high winds and heavy rain.

“Regular maintenance” includes things like cleaning gutters, getting any minor repairs you’ve been putting off, clearing mold and algae off your roof, etc. It’s never too late to protect your roof, so doing maintenance tasks like this is always a good idea to prepare your roof for hurricane season!

Choose Your Hurricane Roofers Carefully

Two things that Florida has in abundance are severe storms and roofers who claim to offer great work. But when looking at roofers near you, it’s important to be choosy. Your roof is a major investment, and you should only entrust its protection to licensed, experienced professionals.

In addition to the basics of only choosing roofers who are licensed and insured in Florida, you should also seek out roofers with extra credentials, good reviews, and local roofing expertise. With storm chasers creating problems across the state, this is the best way to protect your home from both hurricanes and negligent roofers.

Let Pitch show you just how good we are. Whether you’re getting ready for hurricane season or need your roof fixed up after a storm, we can help. It all starts with a free, no-obligation roofing estimate. To get yours, call us at 727-607-4280 or schedule your free estimate online.

Preparing for hurricane season 2024 is a big responsibility. Let us use your reliable roofing services to help you protect your home and keep your peace of mind all summer long!

FAQs About Preparing a Roof for Hurricane Season 2024

FAQs About Preparing a Roof for Hurricane Season 2024

1. Q: How do I know if my roof needs repairs before hurricane season?

A:Check for missing or damaged shingles, water stains on your ceiling, and roof sagging. If you have any doubt at all about the integrity of your roof, it’s best to call the professionals for a roof inspection!

2. Q: What is the best kind of roof for hurricane-prone Florida?

A: If you want to protect your home against hurricanes, metal and tile roofs are your best bet. Both of these roofs last for a long time and have great wind and rain resistance! That said, you can still get great hurricane protection with a shingle roof when you choose experienced contractors for your roof replacement.

3. Q: Can I do hurricane roof prep myself?

A: Technically, it is possible to do things like replace shingles or install hurricane clips yourself. But unless you’re an experienced roofing professional, we don’t recommend it. Improperly done work on your roof can be worse than not preparing it at all, and it could even cause problems when trying to use warranties or insurance benefits.

4. Q: What should I do about skylights when preparing my roof for a hurricane?

A: When you know that a hurricane will soon be in the area, it’s best to cover your skylight with protective plywood or storm shutters. This can prevent both your glass cracking as well as any leaking during a hurricane!

5. Q: What should I do if a hurricane damages my roof?

A: Always prioritize the safety of yourself and anyone else in your home. After the storm has passed, take photos of the damage and submit them to your insurance agent alongside your claim. Once you’ve gotten in touch with your insurance company, you should seek out roof repair services ASAP.

Last Updated:June 4, 2024