A Complete Guide to Tile Roofing in Florida

Did you know that Florida is one of the best places in the country to get a tile roof? With centuries of local history, tile roofs are an essential piece of Florida culture. But despite this long history, many local homeowners still have questions about tile roofs.

We’re here to answer them! PITCH Roofing is a company founded on roofing expertise and honesty — two things that the local roofing industry could use more of. Today, we’re using our roofing knowledge to answer all of the questions you have about getting a tile roof replacement in Florida!

What Are Tile Roofs?

What Are Tile Roofs

If you’ve lived in Florida for any length of time, then you’ve seen tile roofs around. Usually coming in either earth tones or their signature red, tiles are strategically layered to offer the best aesthetics and protection.

Tiles come in many different styles, from French to Mediterranean to mission tiles. They all have their own differences and features, but the general idea is that they create a water-resistant barrier that moves water off your roof without allowing it to reach your vulnerable roof decking.

You may not know, though, that tile roofs come in different materials. To help you decide which is best for your roof, let’s talk about your tile roof material options!

Clay Tile Roofs

Think of clay tiles as the classic option. These timeless, all-natural tiles are baked in a kiln to ensure that they’re hardy and ready to stand up to the Florida elements. In addition to resisting water and pests, clay tile roofs can handle winds of 150 mph or more.

With clay tiles, regardless of style, you’ll have a roof that evokes a sense of classic luxury. These roofs are especially popular among people with Spanish-style homes. By adding on a complementary clay tile, you can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal!

But while clay tile roofs are both tough and beautiful, those aren’t the biggest reasons that people choose these roofs. Rather, people pick clay tile roofs for their longevity. With proper maintenance, a clay tile roof can last for a century or more. That’s an unbeatable feature that you won’t find in many other roofs!

Concrete Tile Roofs

In recent years, concrete tiles have been a way for millions of homeowners to save money on a tile roof replacement. As a durable substitute, concrete tiles are just as strong and hardy as clay tiles. In some ways, they’re even stronger, both with their 200 mph wind resistance and their improved resistance to impact damage.

Naturally, the goal of concrete tile is to recreate the look of clay tile, so there aren’t many large aesthetic differences. One added feature of concrete tiles, however, is that they can be painted. This allows you to pick an unconventional color for your new tile roof if you’re not a fan of the classic neutral tones that tile is known for.

Despite these advantages, though, concrete tile roofs just can’t match clay tile roofs when it comes to longevity. That said, their 50-year lifespan is still nothing to sneeze at. This still amounts to twice the lifespan of your average shingle roof, so you can still get a long-lasting tile roof without the high up-front costs of clay tiles.

Cost of a Tile Roof Replacement in Florida

Cost of a Tile Roof Replacement in Florida

Cost is always an important factor in roof replacements. But it’s especially relevant for tile roofs since they are a premium roofing material that comes at a premium cost.

How much your new tile roof costs will depend largely on the type of tile you choose. The style of the tile will matter to some extent, but the biggest factor in your tile roof replacement costs will come down to the material of the tiles.

Let’s start by looking at clay roofing tiles. For the material and installation, clay tile costs between $12 and $21 per square foot. For a 2,000-square-foot roof, that means your tile roof replacement will cost between $24,000 and $42,000. These high costs are why many people opt for concrete tile roofs instead.

And the good news is that concrete tile is notably more affordable. Material and installation costs run between nine and 19 dollars. For that same 2,000-square-foot roof, your concrete tile roof replacement would cost between $18,000 and $38,000.

As you can see, a tile roof replacement is never going to be the most affordable option on the market. But if you’re in a position to make this investment in your property, we encourage you to consider it. While tile roof costs are high in Florida, they’re still worth it if you want a roof that will raise your property value and protect your home for decades.

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Deciding to get a new tile roof is a big deal. But just as important as what you put on your roof is who installs it. And with Pitch, you’ll get a roof that meets and exceeds all of your expectations, and you’ll get to enjoy five-star customer service throughout the roofing process.

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FAQs About Tile Roofs in Florida

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Clay tiles last the longest, but there is no “best” type of tile roof. To find the type of tile roof that meets your unique needs, you should discuss your options with a trusted local roofer.

Tile roofs are great at withstanding Florida’s harsh weather patterns. Concrete tile roofs last for roughly 50 years, while clay tile roofs can stay healthy for a century or more!

Tile roofs actually require very little maintenance. The most common issue they encounter is cracking shingles from storm debris, but this is both a quick and affordable repair.

Technically, you can walk on a tile roof. But we would not recommend that you do. While tiles can support a lot of weight, they’re brittle and can easily crack or shatter while people walk on them, which is bad for your roof and very dangerous for whoever is walking on it.

There’s no denying that tile roofs require a substantial up-front investment. But if this investment is something you can afford, it really pays off in longevity and protection for decades to come.